A young Korean fellow of my acquaintance, recently graduated high school and still a little amazed he got a job at the Korean Megacorp where I work, was recently telling me that he’d switched from going to his customary Protestant (which Koreans inevitably refer to as ‘Christian’, as opposed to Catholic, which apparently isn’t) services to a Catholic church.

Keen as I am on religion — in a strictly historical, intellectual way, because come on already — I immediately started blathering on about the Protestant sola scriptura doctrine, and how much more palatable the New Pope™ has been than scary old Pope Palpatine, how the Catholic church is gaining popularity in Korea because unlike the Protestants they allow the performance of the old Confucian ceremonies for paying respect to ancestors that are so important to most Koreans, and, you know, a bunch of other stuff.

Eventually the motor started to wind down, and I actually asked him why he’d switched teams.

“Because after the church part, we stayed there and were allowed to drink beer. And I met a girl.”

Now that’s the way to win converts in Korea. Well played, Catholicism!


Korean Boozing

Koreans drink twice as much as the world’s second-most-boozy nationality, the Russians. Hooray! Or, you know, maybe not. What they’re missing here, though, it looks like, is that soju is around 19% alcohol, where vodka is 40% or so. So it ends up being a wash in terms of total alcohol consumed.

Probably Not

North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun probably didn’t have his uncle executed last month by stripping him naked and feeding him to 120 hungry dogs. So that’s good, you know, relatively speaking.

North Korean Insults

The BBC on North Korea’s fetching way with extreme insults. See also (which is to say, don’t miss) The DPRK Press Release Generator and the North Korea Random Insult Generator.

Choi Xoo Ang

Choi Xoo Ang’s Art

Seoul-based artist Choi Xooang creates painted polymer clay figures that are often haunting and nightmarish, but also beautiful. You can see more of his work here, here, here, here or here.

DPRK Video Arcade

Inside a North Korean video game arcade. FUN FOR EVERYONE IS MANDATORY.

Q: Why is Spam a luxury food in South Korea?

A: It isn’t, dummy. But pretending it is makes for a click-baity title.

Gangnam Antichrist

Psy isn’t the antichrist, he’s just a mildly talented boy. And this guy? This guy’s a swivel-eyed loon.

Korean Kommercials

A compilation of ‘weird’ Korean commercials, none of which I can recall actually seeing on TV. But there are an awful lot of commercials, and I don’t want a whole lot of Korean TV, so.